Co-founders Brett, Sherry, and BethCo-Founder Emily


We are here to let women who have had abortions know that they are part of a community. We are not ashamed of our experiences; we are not anonymous; and we are not alone.

Our nation’s silence around abortion has allowed dangerous myths to dominate the debate. By sharing our own experiences through videos, putting our faces alongside our stories, we can change the conversation around abortion and fight back against increasing attacks on women’s rights.

Not Alone was founded by Sherry Matusoff Merfish and daughters Beth and Brett Matusoff Merfish in the summer of 2013, after the overwhelming response to Beth’s New York Times op-ed about her mother’s abortion. From the moment the essay was posted online, women from all over the country began writing to Beth and Sherry with their own stories. Their previous silence made it clear that an experience shared by millions of American women is still too often surrounded by secrecy and shame.

Emily Letts joined the Not Alone team in the spring of 2014.  Emily was an abortion patient advocate at a clinic in New Jersey when she learned of her own unintended pregnancy.  The short internet video documenting her subsequent abortion experience went viral and became the subject of international headlines.  Emily, too, began to hear from women from all over the world, eager to share their stories.

We have come together because we know that telling the stories of our lives and our choices has a positive impact.  Women we all know and love have exercised their right to choose. By providing a space for us to speak openly about our experiences, the Not Alone community makes it clear that abortion is neither shameful nor uncommon.

We ask you to join us: Not Afraid, Not Ashamed, Not Alone.