Why Make a Video?

When you share your story, you are helping other women. Having an abortion does not make you different, isolated, or alone.  You have no reason to be ashamed. When you tell your story, you erase shame and stigma.

We understand that it can be challenging to share your story through an online video.

Do you have someone in your life that you can talk about this with? Perhaps you want this person to be in the video with you. We want you to be as comfortable with this process as possible.  Consider asking a loved one to support you through this experience.

Watch Terry tell her abortion story to her son.

Afterwards Terry told us the following:
“This was a very empowering experience for me - much more than I expected... I shared that and the video this afternoon with a group of women I have been meeting with for over 20 years -- I am hoping some of them may choose to make videos, too. Thank YOU for the opportunity!”

Who will see this?

Together we can change the culture and end the stigma around a woman's reproductive decision.  We believe that publicly sharing our experiences is the first step towards changing the culture.  It is important for you to understand that by participating in our movement it is possible for anyone to view your story as it will be on the Internet.

When will it be online?

We will do our best to post your video as quickly as possible following a review process.

Should I tell my family I am putting this out there?

If you are questioning whether to communicate with your family about your abortion experience we recommend the great resources on the webpage of our friends at the Abortion Care Network.

If I mention someone else's abortion will it be violating their privacy?

Unless you have permission from that person concerning their abortion experience we would prefer that you only speak from a firsthand perspective on your own abortion.

How can I talk about my girlfriend’s abortion without exposing her?

Often, men are left out of the conversation around reproductive rights; we believe that their voices are a strong part of our dialogue. Men, we invite you to share your own identity with the public to stop the shame on reproductive rights; however, please be sensitive to the wishes of the woman involved.

Is an iPhone good enough quality camera?

iPhones are perfectly acceptable; please use them.

Can I make my video anonymously?

Given the shame and stigma associated with abortion in our culture, it can be intimidating to share your abortion story on the internet.  However, it is our goal to change the stigma around abortion through the power of testimonial videos. For this reason, we only ask that you appear as yourself in your video. We do not require any other identifiers. We would like you to give as many details as you feel comfortable giving. When we speak up, women benefit.

How do I make a youtube video?

Please refer to youtube for further instructions.

How long should my video be?

We want you to share as much of your story as possible. However, our advice would be to limit the video to under 10 minutes.  The ideal would be anywhere from 2 to 8 minutes.

I have unresolved issues pertaining to my abortion experience. Who can I talk to?

We are glad you asked!  Exhale is dedicated to helping women work through post-abortion emotional concerns.  We also recommend checking out Backline.
For a personalized counseling experience with an abortion counselor please check out the great Charlotte Taft.

We believe it is extremely important to make peace with our life decisions in order to help other women come to peace with their own experiences.